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When the plant world meets fashion, or when fashion goes “green”.

A few weeks ago at the Paris Fashion Week during the Spring/Summer 2023 show, the fashion house Loewe succeeded in introducing nature in some of the most refined and most luxurious clothes in the world. In fact, it proposed a “green” show and stunned by including vegetation, with living plants on clothes and shoes. So, plant fans, maybe this show will inspire your clothing choice.

However, the question we’re asking ourselves is how is it possible to give living plants centre stage on clothes and shoes? The designer, Paula Ulargui, grew chia and catnip seeds directly on the panels of hoodies, overtrousers, jeans and shoes in a polytunnel created especially for this purpose. For 20 days prior to the show, which took place on 25 June, the plants grew slowly under the glass with regular watering to ensure they were of good quality during the show. A catwalk parade that will have marked the fashion world this year.